Expert Glass Installation: Commercial and Residential


David’s is a full service glass shop.

David’s Glass and Mirror has the expertise you need for replacing a broken glass or installing new windows. David’s also builds and installs custom shower doors and even a commercial store fronts.

David Alvarado is an El Paso native with over 35 years in the glass industry. He and his crew has the experience and equipment to do the job quickly, professionally, and at the right price. They also cut glass to size for those “do-it-yourselfers” out there. David’s glass shop is centrally located near downtown El Paso at 1220 East Paisano with quick access to anywhere in the city.

If your child accidentally breaks a neighbor’s window (or your own), give David’s Glass and Mirror a call for immediate glass replacement. Regular glass, safety glass, insulted (double-pane) glass, and plastics are available.

Replacement Windows

There are so many beautiful old homes in El Paso: built when energy was cheap and building materials limited. Replace* your drafty, single-glazed window and watch your energy bills drop! The trapped air between the two panes works on the same principle as wearing layers of clothing to keep warm. A great side benefit is it also keeps your home cooler in summer, reducing energy costs year-round! Insulted glass also reduces outside noise.

Replacement windows are available in vinyl and aluminum. For even better energy efficiency, consider insulted glass that uses argon/krypton gas instead of air between the panes. This is often referred to as “low E” glass.

Mirrors and mirrored walls


Mirrored walls, beveled mirrors, framed mirrors–whatever you need.

Mirrors add elegance and spaciousness to any room! Whether it’s used as an accent over a mantle or hall table, or a complete mirrored wall in a foyer or dining room. Beveled edges, special plates for electrical switches and outlets, as well as gray or bronze tint are available. David’s Glass can cut and install a mirror in nearly any frame you want to bring by. Bring your imagination and dimensions to their showroom on Paisano.

David’s also cuts glass to protect furniture surfaces, or to provide a clear glass top for that stylish table. Several thickness and edge treatments are available, including beveled.

*Permit and historical district approval may be required.